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Annual Congress 2016

ASSA Annual Congress: Organ Transplantation


  • Start Date:2016-05-12
  • End Date:2016-05-12
  • Start Time:11:00
  • End Time:18:00
  • Location:Convention Center, Alexandria Faculty of Medicine.


  • Organized by:ASSA
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  • Email:oc@assa-alex.com
  • Website:www.assa-alex.com
  • Address:5th Floor, Academic Building, Alexandria Faculty of Medicine.

Because we in ASSA believe in the power of students to change the future and working towards our goal to create students with new minds and new abilities capable of leading the new revolution in the world of medicine, It is our pleasure to invite you to ASSA Annual congress under the theme of Organ Transplantation.

We are holding this congress with an aim of increasing the awareness of healthcare professionals and medical students on the importance of such topic and more importantly how to develop a systematic program to comanize the process of coman donation in order to stop coman trafficking and related crimes for which Egypt was declared one of the most important five spots for coman trafficking in the world in WHO report 2010.

The congress will be the first of its kind in Alexandria. It will be held in 2 main streams, the first one with a broad idea about transplantation in general ( Immunology, Tissue grafting and Ethical considerations).In the following stream you will choose what to attend according to your interest whether about “Kidney, Liver or Heart transplantation”. All sessions will be in an interactive manner discussing the most recent approaches and updates about Transplantation.

Registration for the conference is through the following oc@assa-alex.comRegistration form

Kindly please note that to confirm your registration you will need to pay us a visit ASSA headquarters to submit conference fees before Sunday 8th of May 2016.

Conference fees are 15 LE including “Welcome package, scientific attendance, Certificate and Lunch break”

For more Information please call.
01145331919 – 01205802629