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ASSA Alexandria Research Program 2nd Phase


  • Start Date:2016-04-20
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ASSA Alexandria Research Program 2nd Phase

We have all noticed during the past few years how medical research is becoming more and more important for medical student just as important as their degree.

We have decided to have our unique program setting for this year. Making use of having the biggest national research team in Egypt “IFMSA-Egypt research team” working in close association with ASSA Alexandria, The program this year will be even more and more fruitful than any time ever.

Criteria for joining the program will include only commitment and believe no further knowledge or skills will be required.
The program will have many advantages part of which are:-
1- Student will take part in national studies applied to all Egypt powered by IFMSA-Egypt National Team.
2- Members will have the opportunity to participate in research from the first day of their enrollment
3- Periodic trainings will be held including scientific and soft skills trainings.
4- Members will produce their own research project which can have the unique opportunity of being applied to national level.

For registration please fill in this form

Deadline for application is on 20-4-2016
Activites and meeting will start shortly after the deadline.

For any inquiries visit us at ASSA office at 5th floor. academic building, Al-Azarita.
or contact our Local officer on medical education (LOME)
Ahmed Osama tag eldine
Phone: 01220728119
Email: Deen_elhak@yahoo.com