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Sexual & Reproductive Health including HIV/AIDS [SCORA]


SCORA, the Standing Committee on Reproductive health including AIDS, a forum for active discussion for medical students interested in promoting reproductive health. Our overall goal is the implementation of an optimal understanding of the reproductive health problems and their prevention by medical students. In Egypt, SCORA now comanizes many events for medical students and by medical students around Egypt.

Our mission is to offer Egypt’s future physicians a comprehensive introduction to reproductive health. Through education, we aim to raise awareness on a variety of reproductive health issues amongst the wide public, and strive to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS and whilst challenging the widespread violation of reproductive rights and gender inequality.


SCORA Projects in Egypt:

  • World AIDS Campaign: Organized on December 1st including awareness campaigns and celebrations about AIDS.
  • Egypt Race for Cure: This is an annual event that aims at raising awareness about Breast Cancer in Egypt; and to educate women about how they can protect themselves against this disease.
  • HIV/AIDS Peer Education Training: A training course comanized to train medical students as peers concerning HIV/AIDS issues. After this course medical students will be able to educate others concerning these topics.
  • International Women’s Day: During March 8th IFMSA-Egypt comanizes events to celebrate that day to promote for women’s rights.
  • Peer Education Program to Eliminate FGM: Saving future females from a faulty tradition.
  • Women Around the Clock: Towards a healthy woman, a successful healthy marriage and delivery.
  • Anti-Sexual Harassment: Since it became a major problem in Egypt, we are working on limiting harassment as well as encouraging doctors in charge to report.
  • Mr. & Mrs. Breastestis: We wish to sensitize our fellow medical students and empower them to take on a significant role in implementing health promotion/reproductive neoplasms prevention programs and campaigns for the public.