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Public Health [SCOPH]


Standing Committee on Public Health [SCOPH] is a forum for medical students who work together to improve public awareness concerning public health issues.
By tackling unhealthy lifestyles and by creating knowledge about community diseases, we try to improve the Public Health in Egypt. We achieve this by comanizing projects, awareness campaigns and conferences.
Our mission is to offer Egypt’s future physicians a comprehensive introduction to public health issues, who will in turn improve public health awareness. We are dedicated to try to influence the public health status in Egypt.
Public Health Projects in Egypt:

  • HY5 Project: Hand hygiene is a key intervention for reducing transmission of ARI and diarrhea in community settings. The main aim of the project is delivering an easy and simple message about proper hand hygiene to students and to make school children more aware of the hazards of some infectious diseases that may spread if they do not maintain their hand hygiene.
  • World Diabetes Day: IFMSA-Egypt never neglects such a crucial issue every year and every year it establishes the World Diabetes Day national celebration on the 14th of November in aims of gathering all medical students from all over Egypt to unite and make it clear to the Public how important it is to take steps against Diabetes increasing threats. A national celebration is set and is firstly preceded by an online campaign which catches everyone’s eyes. Afterwards numerous local campaigns take place for the same cause increasing Public outreach all over Egypt.
  • World Cancer Day: On the 4th of February We try to create awareness concerning cancer to improve the public knowledge about environmental and social health hazards and the importance of early detection of cancer through regular checkups.
  • Safe Liver - Hepatitis: Hepatitis in Egypt is considered the main concern for the Egyptian community in the public health field with Egypt being the highest prevalence of hepatitis C in the world that is why for several years now we have been working nationally on the safe liver project.
The mail goals of this project are:
  1. Providing vaccination against hepatitis B at low cost as possible for health care workers including medical students, nurses and doctors as they are highly vulnerable to the risk on infection from needle stick injuries and also to provide it to the public.
  2. Free hepatitis C screening to the public and providing free or low cost treatment for those who are found HCV positive.
  3. Awareness campaigns with focusing on the prevention of different types of hepatitis (A, B, C ) with a health message customized to reach different target groups.
  • Anti Drug Addiction: Drug addiction has become a very common phenomenon in our society and that is why we in IFMSA-Egypt decided to take a step against this hazardous issue, so in cooperation with the Addiction and abuse treatment and control fund we began implementation of this project expecting that all the students whether in schools or universities will be oriented with the risks of drug abuse and be self-dependant so that eventually the number of addicts in the community decreases.
  • Build Your Body: Nutrition is one of the most important issues in life from the early stages till death, passing through different stages of nutritional balance and systems differ from each stage to another.
Early stages of life especially school period is the most hazardous period during life dealing with food due to many bad habits which spread nowadays in our community that cause many harms for students and their lives. Our mission is to serve the community especially that stage of life becomes one of our most interesting tasks and one of our duties spreading the health education among our community to spread the spirit of the well balanced nutritional life to build our bodies.
  • SCOPH Congress: SCOPH Congress is a conference attended by medical students, Public Health professors and NGO Representatives from all over Egypt. The objectives of the congress are to create a network of public health workers in an atmosphere that facilitates communication among activists, NGOs and sponsors as well as promoting IFMSA-Egypt SCOPH activities. In addition, SCOPH Congress discusses new health issues that concern the community. It is also a good opportunity for LCs to broadcast their projects and events through projects’ fair and presentation competitions.
  • Epidemiological Studies: Adapting Epidemiological studies in Egypt to serve public health needs, provide the possibility of enormous advances for public health practice and policy. The benefits and potential for this innovation are broad and speak directly to core public health functions such as health monitoring, outbreak management, empowerment and research. Through comparisons of epidemiologic measures such as incidence, prevalence, and mortality rates we can identify potentially high-risk groups and perhaps begin to explain the reasons behind differences in disease occurrence.