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Medical Education [SCOME]


SCOME, the Standing Committee on Medical Education, is a discussion forum for students interested in the different aspects of medical education in the hope of pursuing and achieving its aim. Medical Education should be a concern of every medical student as it shapes not only the quality of future doctors, but also the quality of healthcare.

Our mission is to build awareness on topics needed to change and improve Medical Education in Egypt to persue well educated phycisians with a broad perspective.

Students convene in SCOME to share and learn about medical education in order to improve it as well as benefit the most from it on a personal and professional basis.

We support active involvement in education on an individual level encouraging students to take the initiative and responsibility for their education both curricular and extracurricular, through: Seeking educational experiences and opportunities for further development, participating in extracurricular activities that simultaneously enrich them and benefit their peers or the community.

SCOME Projects in Egypt:

  • Good medical practice: To make Egyptian healthcare system safe and healthy platform for doctor-doctor-patient relationship based on trust and faith.
  • Researchers have the Future: To promote research between medical students through giving them the basic knowledge about research and involving them in clinical trials.
  • National Awareness Campaign: It is a medical education awareness campaign. It is the first of its kind to be directed to the medical education issues. The campaign targets the medical students in the different faculties of medicine in Egypt.
  • Post-graduation Opportunities booklet: Aims to produce a standard booklet used by both medical students and doctors as a reliable source for collecting information regarding postgraduate medical options in Egypt and abroad. ( you can find the PGO Booklet HERE )